Content Marketing to Attract Potential Customers

Attracts Potential Customers

For decades, brands have used content marketing to identify potential customers and attract potential customers even before the term ‘content marketing’ was being used amongst marketing groups. The aim of content marketing was to be able to identify potential customers by creating a dialogue with their customers about things that they thought would be useful to them.

Restaurants and Tires to Identify Potential Customers?

I like the use the example of the restaurants and tires. Restaurants and tires? What do those have in common? Restaurants work to attract potential customers through their Michelin star rating. In the early 1900s, Michelin Tire Company started publishing a guide, which gave the drivers extensive guidance on how to maintain their cars. But this guide went a little further as it also gave suggestions about places to stay and eat when their customers hit the road.

Even after more than a century, restaurants across the globe compete with each other to find a place in the Michelin guide, recognizing that the Michelin guide can help restaurants identify potential customers while it’s up to the restaurants to show their chops by being worthy of Michelin stars that attract these potential customers.

Many companies like Michelin, which took to content to connect with their existing and potential customers, are still reaping the benefits of their content strategy after decades of its initial implementation. It is companies such as Michelin who set the tone, and the example, for the power of what we now know as content marketing, which is an essential strategy in attracting new customers.

How Content Marketing Attracts Potential Customers

Sales-driven advertising has its limitations. It may have been one of the most tried and true methods of getting customers to buy products for decades, but it fails to truly make that connection needed to attract potential customers.

Brands began to look to companies such as Michelin and began to leverage one of the most basic human needs, the need to connect. Human beings like being talked to, they like it when people understand them, the challenges they face, and the problems they have to deal with. People appreciate when the companies share with them their ideas and vision, and sometimes, even their failures. This is content marketing and this is where Acumen SEO Services comes in.

Your Trusted Partner in Identifying and Attracting Potential Clients

Acumen SEO Services applies advanced content marketing strategies to first help you identify your potential customers, and then work to attract those potential customers, just through creating dialogue. With our content marketing services, we engage your potential customers in conversation; we get to know them BEFORE we start attracting them. Contact us today to see how we can apply content marketing to your overall strategy to increase the number of potential customers you’re attracting.

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