Top considerations to rank your site high in search engine results


As a new business owner or someone who has had a business for a while and is looking for ways to bring in more customers and leads, it is time to think about having a web presence.

However, your journey does not end there, creating a website will only give your product visibility if you can drive effective traffic towards the website while having a compelling user experience that will induce the potential customer to consider using your service or buying your product. We decided to write a short article about how this can be achieved via our services and some considerations that might effectively help you with your goal to increase your business.

Here are a few of the top considerations, by no means are they an exhaustive list of steps to follow but these are rather, perspectives that are pretty generic for creating an effective online presence.

1) Relevance

All search engines do is to try and provide the most relevant results to a query, Nowadays, searchers are searching for : “how tall is mount Everest ?” OR “Where is the best children store in manhattan ?” OR  “Where can I obtain cheap car insurance in California ?”. Searchers are also searching for complicated queries like: “Who is the best plastic surgeon in Beverly hills ?” .

The way search engines provide these results is a secret and is hidden deep down in their own internal algorithms, which probably can never be truly determined. However, there are elements and factors that can certainly influence these results and are based on relevance. For instance: location, search history, the businesses relevancy to what they do and how it is portrayed on the website.

2) The Content

There can never be any post about SEO and ranking without a mention about content. The need to regularly publish helpful content that is useful to your customers including infographics and video along with other types of media go a long way in establishing your rank and maintain it. The need to consistently create and update such content, share it in the right places and create effective backlinks is a time and tested strategy that cannot be ignored. The need to write such content for actual human beings rather than the search engine itself is very important. Writing for SEO might provide you initial rankings, but engaging content will give you great consistent rankings and might actually land you more customers. So, stop worrying about keywords and focus on the user experience.

3) Your Website User Experience

The benefits gained via SEO all revolve around providing the best possible user experience. The need for easy navigation across a clearly searchable site, effective internal linking and engaging content along with sharp pictures, call to action details are all the elements that keep visitors on your web page hungry while bringing new ones to explore your site.

4) How fast is your site?
The quicker your web page loads, the more your users will love you. A stale user experience where users are waiting for a page or an image to load is sure enough to make your visitors “Bounce” and find other avenues to satiate their needs.

5) Compatibility

While your website might be fast and efficient, you also need to wonder whether your website and its content are equally optimized for any given screen size or device? Google has stated that responsive design is its preferred method of mobile optimization and we have noticed a lot of difference (Up to 25%) in ranking mobile optimized v/s nonmobile optimized sites. Google also has a way to quickly check if your website is mobile optimized, here is a link to check, Just input your URL and google will let you know whether it is or not. If your site is not mobile optimized, chances are you might be losing about 25% rankings already. In addition to the mobile optimized site, there are few other factors that are pertinent to your ranking. Contact us for a free assessment. Here is the Google Tool : mobile-friendly/ .

6) Images

Image tagging plays an important role in any website ranking. There is a property of each image that google and the search engines understand, it is called ‘Alt Text’. There might still be many images on your site that do not include this attribute when the image might have been uploaded. This is definitely something that shouldn’t be overlooked because Google cannot ‘see’ your images, but can ‘read’ the alt text property. Hence, by describing your image in the property as accurately as possible google will tag the image appropriately. Contact us for more guidance on this matter.

7) Local SEO

Google has increased serving results to users based on their location. Note that many of the businesses who we work with understand that having a local presence is more than sufficient to catch the attention of the searchers in their proximity. For example Searching for an attorney in a certain city or county. Local SEO is particularly important to businesses, think about a searcher who is walking down the street, on their mobile and looking for somewhere to eat.

The need to maintain effective business listings along with registering with Google My Business will ensure that all of your information is accurate and up-to-date, this includes opening times, contact information, customer reviews etc. Google also looks at data provided by other listing providers, there are hundreds of local citation sites that google affiliates with and trusts the results for local SEO. This means, the potential to show your business or product to a searcher looking for a local business like yours, becomes higher with local SEO.

These are just a few of the top considerations that we have noticed over the years that have helped effectively increase ranking and bring new business and prospects to our clients. At Acumen we believe in Local SEO as well as business listing updates and take great pains to ensure that your information is searchable and up-to-date in the hundreds of local citations out
there. We constantly monitor and maintain your Local SEO as a free benefit to all our SEO customers. Contact us for more information or a site audit to help you understand the value of what your website can do more for you.

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