Local V/s National SEO, A quick primer

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Many business owners constantly ponder about which SEO strategy to use,  national SEO or local SEO or both and what the differences are ? What strategy is needed ? etc. It might seem daunting to understand the technical aspects of all the activities related to search engine optimization and weigh their pros and cons as well as applicability.

This blog is intended to hopefully provide some clarity regarding Local SEO and National SEO as well as the business implications of each strategy.

Enter Definitions: 

Local SEO is the art and science of enhancing your product or service to searchers in a particular location or locations, examples being: A local city or cities, A county or counties. People like to search for businesses near them, the “Near me” search  term is also part of Local SEO. Since the search engines are GEOIP, they are able to (When given access to location), able to perform the “Near Me” searches. In other cases, prefixing or suffixing the name of the city, county etc as the case maybe is considered local SEO. Keywords such as Best Dentist in orange county or Children’s clothing in NYC and other variations. Most long tailed keywords are typically tied to Local searches.

Likewise, National SEO focusses  on the national level. National SEO focuses more on brand, product type, service, name or another synonym that can be tied to your business, however, the keyword is not based on the location. Example:Buy Children’s clothing online, Womens boots on sale etc. Unlike local SEO, location does not matter since searchers are really looking for any sales available online at various e-commerce stores and other stores whose product catalogs are available online.

It really depends on the business or service what should be used. At Acumen, for every national SEO campaign, we also do local SEO since we feel a walk-in customer is also equally important  along with their online counterparts. Our ultimate goal remains to boost sales and gaining more business for our clients. There is a reason for that too. According to search metrics :

80% of people use local searches

64% of people use mobile phones to search

Other differences: 

National SEO strategies typically have large budgets and require a lot more manpower and meticulous research and concentrated efforts, thus allowing them to target generic keywords such as “Summer Cotton Clothing” and achieve success.

Local businesses, Stores, and Services, typically would not have the means to conduct these types of campaigns, nor would it make sense for them unless they sell online. A good strategy even in this case would be to do Local and slowly extrapolate to the county, state and eventually national.

A major factor for Local SEO is also : Local SEO Citations also called Business Listings.

Local citations are unique to local SEO campaigns. A local citation is an information about when your business’s NAP (name, address, and phone number) information – which should get listed on another site. There are hundreds of these sites that carry  significant weight in regards to local search results. This is because Google works with referral sites to receive and classify local data and when a local search is performed, having a business listed or not on certain sites can make or break a potential sale. These citations also need constant updates, along with keywords and descriptions.

Here are some sample sites for local citations :

Google+ Local

Bing Local


Merchant Circle






 At Acumen, local citations and business listing updating is a service which is included along with all SEO campaigns. We feel that no matter how big or small the campaign, we want to be able to provide our customers the most up-to-date SEO efforts hence enabling them to be successful. We believe that our success is tied to your business being successful.

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